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OSLO - NORWAY - Jødisk Museum -

  • Jewish Museum in Oslo - Jødisk Museum 15B Calmeyers gate Oslo, Oslo, 0183 Norway (map)



PH: 22 20 84 00

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Luna Sefardita (`Sephardic Moon’) is the song of Alina, a girl who personifies the history of the Sephardic people and leaves Toledo, embarking on a long journey of exile, and following the traces of the moon in her own search and reunion.

Her nostalgic walk traces a bridge to the past and proposes a sonic journey through various Mediterranean landscapes. The repertoire offers a musical walk through the 'Spain of the Three Cultures': Rhythms of Pasacalles, oriental melodies, Sephardic legends, old and new compositions of ancient inspiration. The song lyrics are mainly in Judeo-Spanish or 'ladino', as well as in modern spanish. 

The concert has been described as ‘an idyllic journey through the three cultures, a highly emotional lesson seen through history’. Her music is often described as the ‘Toledo soundtrack’.


  • Ana Alcaide: Voice, Nyckelharpas, Atmospheres
  •  Bill Cooley:Psalterium, Ud, Percussions

SØNDAG 6. MAI KL. 12.00 i museet FOREDRAG OG KONSERT: Jødisk liv i middelalderen Vidar Alne Paulsen om jødisk historie i middelalderen, Margrethe Stang om jøder og muslimer i middelaldersk kunst. Konsert med spanske Ana Alcaide, fortolker av tradisjonell sefardisk musikk. Inngang: museumsbillett (50,-) Påmelding: eller 22 20 84 00