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Dear friends,

I want to introduce you to my new project, 'LEYENDA' in a special way through this crowdfunding campaign: offering you to be part of it.

 As an evolution of my personal and artistic journey, in recent times I have begun to explore new creative territories that I feel like sharing with you all. Expanding my musical essence, I feel the need to express myself from a more personal place, to widen my expressive resources and my artistic vision. The beginning of this process is 'LEYENDA'.

LEYENDA: Feminine Force

In recent years I have been inspired by legends and mythologies of female beings. Stories about the feminine essence as an extension of nature itself, across the spectrum of light and shadow. 'Leyenda' reflects stories of women whose acts of love and courage, transcended into something magical, miraculous and supernatural, and have been handed down through the ages in the form of legends to show us an important aspect of this feminine essence, which is ultimately common to all human beings.

The protagonists of LEYENDA are brave, strange, otherworldly women beings. Women who burn bridges, are killed in fights, devour men, cut their wings off or shed their skin. Stories of love and hate, kindness, sacrifices, obsessions and desires, timeless human passions. Female misfits, beings between two worlds, whose archetypal stories are manifested in many cultures but with different names, forms and circumstances, proving once again that we all share the same fears. As a lover of ancient traditions, I turned to legends as a key to understand that ancient wisdom that has been carved into the collective consciousness of the people.

Inspired by the strength and the power of these tales, I conceived LEYENDA, a very personal album which expresses the force of those stories in my eyes, with the artistic and technical tools that are in my hands today.


‘Leyenda’ has 12 new compositions inspired by legends and mythologies of women and feminine beings from Spain, Europe, and diverse places from around the world.

1. Tlalli
2. Diosa Luolaien
3. La Ondina de Vacares
4. Leyenda
5. Folía de la Primavera
7. La Lamia de Kobate
8. El Puente de San Martín
9. Kari Kalas
10. La Esposa Selkie
11. Elenion
12. Akelarre

Music, arrangements & musical direction: Ana Alcaide. Lyrics: Beatriz Moreno- Cervera, based on texts and ideas by Ana Alcaide. Musical production: Ana Alcaide & Jose Manuel Castro


Musically speaking, LEYENDA reflects the depth and drama of these stories. It is an eclectic album with wide contrasts, which moves from very broad and diverse soundscapes. It has strong rhythms and percussion which reflects a more energetic, tribal and ethnic musical part of me.

This work represents me more than ever. Apart from the composition, arrangements, musical direction and interpretation (voice, nyckelharpas, keyboards, atmospheres), I have self-produced the album alongside Jose Manuel Castro- sound engineer with whom I learned to develop my sound over the past years.

My great friend and writer Beatriz Moreno-Cervera set lyrics to the songs. Based on my texts and melodies, together we 'played' like when we were children.

The album was recorded this winter and it is in its final stage of production. The great musicians who always accompany me have participated: Rainer Seiferth (Acoustic, Spanish and Baroque Guitar, Cittern), Bill Cooley (Psalterium, Medieval Ud, Santur), Bruno Duque (Xaphoon, Dulzaina, Whistles, Moxeño), Renzo Ruggiero (Hurdy-gurdy, Voice), Paul Castejón (Hang, Keyboards, Voice), as well as special guests: David Mayoral (Percussions), Wafir S. Gibril (Accordion, Voice), Jan Grimbergen (Oboe d’amore), Isabel Martín (Voice), Laura Fernandez Alcalde (Voice) y Oreka TX (Txalaparta).


I have always considered the visual aspect of music as something of great importance, and it is now when the time has come.

With Loreto Antón as artistic director, we have developed a visual world that accompanies the music. The next step is to offer it in its proper dimension, in a SCENIC CONCERT format, a project that requires the coordinated work of a broad artistic team. We are 6 musicians on stage, as well as stage designers, lighting designers, sound technicians and artistic direction.

In November and December 2015 LEYENDA was pre-released in 4 theaters (Castilla la Mancha and Madrid) and it was then when we were able to assess the true scale of the project.

FICHA ARTÍSTICA y TÉCNICA: Ana Alcaide (Voice, Nyckelharpas, Hardanger fiddle, Atmospheres), Rainer Seiferth (Guitars, Cittern, Percussions), Bill Cooley (Psalterium, Medieval Ud, Santur, Percussions), Bruno Duque (Flutes, Clarinet, Dulzaina, Snail, Choirs, Effects), Ido Segal (Percussions, Hansa Veena), Paul Castejón (Keyboards, Duduk, Ukelele, Percussions, Choirs).

Artistic direction: Loreto Antón. Sound: Jose Manuel Castro. Lighting: Eugenio Tardón. Scenography: Lucía Bertullo y Borja Cereceda. Production: Ana Alcaide y David Sierra. Musical creation and direction: Ana Alcaide.

To start the project in 2016 we need a boost!


The entire project is self-funded by me, and without institutional or external support it is difficult to start a project of this magnitude. I have set the figure of 6000€ as a target, but all the revenue I can raise is more than welcome and will be invested in developing the project, which has a cost of more than the targeted 6,000€.


I offer different ways for you to get involved, with diverse contributions and rewards. Simply by sharing this campaign and by telling your friends, you are contributing. All the support is most welcome!

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As a thank you, all you backers will receive a preview of the album at the moment of your participation, by downloading the song 'La Ondina de Vacares'.

Thank you very much for your contribution!



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